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A complete course for tennis coaches

"Why isn't this the standard method in certification clinics? I should have gotten this program years ago."
- Amadeo Juachon (tennis coach, Las Vegas)

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Here's What You Will Get

Video lessons, drills and tips for teaching beginner players

10 lesson plans - how to teach tennis / complete course

Coaching Tennis Lessons / Complete Course

In this section, you will find 10 hours of step-by-step video teaching lessons on how to take a first-time player and show them all the technical elements in an easy-to-understand way.
Learn coach-student communication skills.

Show your players fun rally drills and games to learn how to play an actual tennis match, develop their hand-eye coordination skills, and so much MORE.

10 lesson plans - tennis tips

Bonus: Tips for Teaching Beginner Players

In addition to the video course lessons, you will discover tips and quick fixes not only to improve your students' technique, but to also recognize and fix certain strokes elements that could slow down your players' development. 
From how to perfect racket swings, to footwork and fun ways to make a clean contact with the ball, this section will add value to your lessons. 

10 lesson plans - tennis drills

Bonus: Drills and Games for Beginners

The bonus drills in this section will further develop your new student(s) strokes consistency, and technique

Plus, they will learn fun games that will encourage them to practice often and enjoy the process of learning. 

Tennis is easy if your students have a good time during their lessons, therefore introducing friendly competitive games is important at this stage.


ebook - 101 tips for your best tennis

Ebook: 101 Tips for Your Best Tennis

A comprehensive collection of useful tips, and quick fixes to improving the tennis technique.

ebook - 10 lesson plans (the original

Ebook: 10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Beginer Players

The original ebook that has been the foundation for this very same course.

ebook - 15 quick fixes to improve your tennis

Ebook: 15 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Tennis

A better tennis technique can be achieved by following the tips and quick fixes presented in this ebook.

What People Say About

Cosmin's 10 Lesson Plans program is extremely helpful to me. I teach tennis mainly to young children and beginning adults. I have found his videos to be a good resource to help me teach technique and feel confident that I am presenting good information to my clients.

- Deborah Roberts, director of Youth Tennis (Indiana, US)

Why isn't this the standard method in certification clinics? I'm learning and getting ideas. I should have gotten this program years ago. Just watching the videos makes a big difference. Absolutely love those clay courts, by the way.

Amadeo Juachon, tennis coach (Las Vegas)

This is the best online coaching video program you will find on the internet. Step by step, Cosmin goes over every aspect of teaching and is so creative in giving a variety of ideas from warm-ups to drills, games and all technical aspects of tennis.

Anthony Saleyar, USPTA tennis coach (California)

Cosmin Miholca - tennis coach and WebTennis24 founder

Hi there! I’m Cosmin Miholca, coach and founder of WebTennis24.
I’m passionate about helping players and coaches reach their full potential in tennis.

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Ask me any tennis question, and I’ll do my best to provide you with the answers you need to improve your playing or coaching skills.
I’m always happy to help!

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