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Better than a real opponent; find out how the ball machine can rapidly improve your game

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Improve your technique, shot accuracy, consistency under pressure, footwork, and prepare for upcoming matching. All these, using only a... ball machine.

ball machine / warmup tennis drills

Warm-Up Drills / Technique Tips

Practice groundstrokes spin variety (topspin, slice), volley placement, transitioning to the net (topspin, slice approach), half-volleys, drop-shots, etc. Focus on technique, consistency, and placement.

ball machine - skill-building tennis drills

Skill-Building Drills / Technique Tips

Combine different tennis strokes in a variety of drills to improve your racquet and ball control, spin development, accurate shots, body strength; gain speed and quick footwork.

ball machine - competitive tennis drills

Competitive Drills and Games

When practicing the drills in this section, you will develop mental strength, which means the ability to be consistent and accurate under the pressure of various match-play situations (pre-tournament training).

serve tennis drills

Bonus: Serve Tennis Drills

Creative serve drills that complement the previously mentioned ball machine tennis drills; practice consistency and accuracy under various pressure situations.

footwork tennis drills

Bonus: Footwork Tennis Drills

Exercises for speed, stamina, leg strength - all necessary to cover the court quickly, play longer matches without getting too tired, and reach balls you normally have a hard time with.

Sample Tennis Drills

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