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Tennis drills and lesson plans for coaches to teach three players

tennis drills and lesson plans for teaching three players

A third player...?

While teaching, you want all your players on the court, hitting balls. But when it comes to playing competitive drills and games, for a group of three players, you need to know exercises where the 3rd player does not have to sit out waiting for her turn, too long. 

That's why we have gathered a good collection of creative drills that are perfect for 3-player classes, so that all of them are involved in practicing, playing, and having fun learning.

Featured Tennis Drills and Lesson Plans

Discover creative tennis drills and lesson plans to apply in your 3-player classes

tennis drills for three players

Tennis DRILLS to Teach THREE Players

In this section, you will find 62 tennis drills (more to be added) that you can apply when teaching 3-player lessons. 

Practice groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, court transition, quick movement to and away from the ball (court coverage), and even certain tactical situations that can occur during a tennis match.

tennis lesson plans for three players

Lesson PLANS to Teach THREE Players

Discover 6 lesson plans (more to be added) which will make your tennis coaching so much easier. 

Use them as a guide, or simply apply them as they are in your classes with three players. 

The lesson plans are designed as one-hour time frames including warm-ups, specific drills, and even when to offer the water breaks.

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