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Tennis drills and lesson plans for coaches to teach four-player classes

tennis drills and lesson plans for teaching four players

The perfect group size. Doubles... or singles anyone?

The groups of 4 players must be the coaches' favorite - the possibilities are endless: they can play doubles games, or singles; they can even do drills where they team up and everyone is active. No one should sit out waiting for their turn. Or at least not for long. 

Regardless of the level of play, when teaching groups of four players, you can unleash your creativity. 

Not too creative? No problem - we put together an impressive collection of drills and games for 4 players to make your students happy every time they practice.

Featured Tennis Drills and Lesson Plans

Discover creative tennis drills and lesson plans to apply in your 4-player classes

tennis drills for four players

Tennis DRILLS to Teach FOUR Players

In this section, you will find 67 tennis drills (more to be added) that you can apply when teaching 4-player lessons. 

Practice groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, court transition, quick movement to and away from the ball (court coverage), and even certain tactical situations that can occur during a tennis match.

tennis lesson plans for four players

Lesson PLANS to Teach FOUR Players

Discover 5 lesson plans (more to be added) which will make your tennis coaching so much easier. 

Use them as a guide, or simply apply them as they are in your classes with four players. 

The lesson plans are designed as one-hour time frames including warm-ups, specific drills, and even when to offer the water breaks.

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