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Tennis drills for coaches to teach singles and doubles competitive players

tennis drills to teach competitive players

When Tennis is Winning, and Winning is Fun

In the beginning it is all about learning the strokes technique, becoming consistent and accurate with the shots, and having fun. 

And then there is the next level in tennis: the competitive part; the one where fun means winning. And losing means learning.

At this stage you, the coach, must give your students specific lessons where they learn and practice tactics drills that help them understand how to advance to the next level, and how to win more matches.

In this program, we have prepared for you an impressive collection of tennis drills that have one main purpose: to teach your players how to become better singles and doubles competitors.

Featured Tennis Drills

Discover creative tennis drills to teach singles and doubles competitive players

singles and doubles tennis tactics drills

Singles and Doubles Tennis TACTICS DRILLS

In this section, you will find 70 tennis drills that you can apply when teaching singles or doubles competitive players.

Help your students discover and learn to apply specific match tactics according to their level of play. 

They will enjoy winning more tennis maches and have fun.

mental strength tennis drills

MENTAL STRENGTH Drills for Competitive Players

Competing in tennis requires a certain level of mental strength to allow the players to push through the eventual difficult situations, and take decisions to enjoy winning (most of) the matches.

By practicing these (90) drills, your students will take their skills to the next level.

singles tennis drills / videos

Bonus: Tennis Drills and Games for SINGLES Play

We have also included in this program a set of 19 video tennis drills that are perfect for the competitive singles players. Some of the drills focus on basic ball tracking, consistency and footwork, while others are competitive drills or games that teach the players winning match tactics.

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