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tennis questions and answers

Got Questions?

Novice or professional, we all need a little help from time to time.

But not many have the resources to hire a tennis coach full time.

What if you could easily find the answers to your tennis questions?

Now you can!

Tennis Q & A provides professional answers to your tennis questions on technique, singles and doubles tactics, footwork, and mental strength.

Here's What You Will Get

This program is structured into 4 sections: technique, tactics, mental strength, and miscellaneous tennis topics

tennis questions and answers - technique

Tennis Technique Q & A

  • How can I add more power to my slice backhand?

  • How can I correct the "waiter" serve?

  • How can I avoid hitting my serve into the net often?

  • Why can't I hit the forehand groundstroke with more topspin?

  • I send most of my half-volleys into the net. How can I fix that?

  • The overhead is my weakest shot. Any tips to improve it?

  • And many more...

  • tennis questions and answers - tactics

    Tennis Tactics and Strategies Q & A

  • I am not a quick player, yet I would like to be able to cover the court faster; any tips?

  • What are the tactical situations to make use of the slice shots?

  • What type of serve I can win points the easiest with?

  • Why can't I win points with my volleys?

  • Any tips on how to be a better player at the net?

  • How can I put pressure on the server?

  • Which is the simplest, yet best tennis strategy?

  • And many more...

  • tennis questions and answers - mental strength

    Mental Tennis Strength Q & A

  • How can I put pressure on my opponents?

  • Why do I stress so much before a tennis match?

  • How can I continue to fight when I'm "behind" in a tennis match?

  • How can I let go of a mistake and focus on the next point?

  • Any tips on how to cope with a lost match?

  • How can I build a good relationship with my doubles partner?

  • How to push myself to work hard in practice even when I'm tired?

  • And many more...

  • tennis questions and answers - miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Tennis Q & A

  • How can I add more spin to my kick serve?

  • When at the net, is there a way to know if my opponent intends to lob me?

  • How much should I bend my knees when serving and rallying?

  • How can I improve my serve accuracy?

  • What is the split-step and how to use it correctly?

  • What kind of running drills are good for my tennis?

  • What is a good routine to have in-between point?

  • Is there a particular type of serve I should practice more often?

  • And many more...

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