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Video Lessons, Drills, and Tips to Learn and Improve the Flat/Power, Slice, and Kick Serves

ultimate tennis serve

Win points easier with your serve!

The tennis serve is considered the most important stroke in the game.

It is the first opportunity you have to take control of the point and put your opponent on the defensive.

In this course, you will learn how to develop a powerful serve that will give you an edge over your opponents.

Featured Tennis Courses

Discover creative tennis lessons, drills and tips to take your serve to the next level

flat/power serve technique lessons

FLAT / POWER 'FIRST' SERVE Technique Lesson

slice serve progression drills

SLICE 'SECOND' SERVE Progression Drills

kick serve progression drills

KICK 'SECOND' SERVE Progression Drills

strategic serve practice lesson

STRATEGIC SERVE Practice / Mini-Course

how to fix the waiter serve

How to Fix the WAITER SERVE / Mini-Course

serve technique tips and quick fixes

Serve Tennis TIPS and QUICK FIXES

serve tennis drills

Serve Tennis DRILLS and GAMES

singles tennis tactics

BONUS: Singles Tennis Tactics

doubles tennis tactics

BONUS: Doubles Tennis Tactics

What People Say About The


Knowing what to do makes it easier to develop the flowing and continuous motion of the modern serve. I love your relaxed teaching method.

Alan Knowles

I really like the way you explain continental grip as well as how to pronate by breaking that up into two steps (edge banging, and twist). Today, I used your explanations to teach a 9-year-old how to serve and it was a blast. Thank you!

Urashima Taro

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